OCTG-Drill Pipe Inspection Equipment EMI UNIT(system)

To reach the black gold, drilling pipes have to penetrate deep into the earth.
 Edessa Tech Company is the leading manufacturer of electromagnetic inspection systems for OCTG in the world and the sole manufacturer in West Asia. Our product is highly accurate, speedy, and of excellent quality while being more affordable than our competitors. Our mission is to provide our clients with durable, precise, and top-notch inspection systems efficiently and timely, with a strong commitment to customer service and product delivery ethics in the Oil and Gas industry.
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  • Signal, buggy drive, and magnetic coil included.
  • 11-inch magnetic coil (according to customer’s order).
  • Dual buggy drive for pipe sizes: 2 to 6 5/8-inch.
  • Ability to inspect pipe sizes: 2 to 6 5/8-inch.
  • Dual set of air jacks with hose, compressor, pedal, and connectors.
  • Data saving and display on computer.
  • 10 years of software and hardware support.
  • Standard calibration tube for all sizes.
  • Shoes carrier (head buggy).
  • Ingress protection 65.
  • 8 input channels.
  • portable system.
  • 1-year guarantee.

Operation Desk

processor and controller


Magnetic field supplier


Carrier of magnetic sensors


Carrier of coil and Buggy-Head